Turkey eVisa
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Terms & Conditions

  1. The requirements and fees for Turkey eVisa are subject to change without any prior notice. The fee charged by us (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) may include, but is not limited to, Turkey embassy fees and embassy other charges (consular fees etc.). We (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) are not to be held responsible for such changes by the embassy or for any loss or delay relating to such changes.
  2. Under any circumstances whatsoever, The eVisa fees are non refundable and non – transferable. Therefore, once the application  is processed no refund will be possible.
  3. The Applicant will be required to fill an eVisa Application Form correctly and submit the same with the applicable fees online on our website (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org).
  4. We (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) do not accept any responsibility for late, lost or misplaced applications and / or the authenticity of the contents of the application. Incomplete and double applications will be disregarded.
  5. Even after the eVisa application for Turkey has been processed and approval is received, it does not in any way gives the applicant the right to enter Turkey. It is at the sole discretion of the Immigration officer at the Turkey Airport who is a representative of the Government of Turkey. We (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) shall in no way be liable to the applicant in any manner whatsoever in case of denial of eVisa or entry into Turkey territory.
  6. The eVisa offered is non - transferable and non extendable, Therefore, it has to be accepted as it is received.
  7. We (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) are not to be held liable for any losses or damages, which the applicant may suffer arising from delay in processing or receiving of eVisa.
  8. The eVisa is valid as per the Government Turkey rules and regulations and is in accordance with the amendments made from time to time. The eVisa has to be availed within its period of validity.
  9. We (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) assure the applicants who apply for the Turkey eVisa on our website that we shall take all reasonable measures to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided to us. However, we are not to be held liable for any unauthorized access by any means to that information
  10. We (www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org) reserve the right to add, change or vary these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice or liability and all applicants who apply for the eVisa for Turkey on our website shall be bound by the same.
  11. Applicants expressly declare that they have understood these terms & conditions and are individuals, and not a company or any professional and or commercial entity.
  12. Please make sure that your email ID is correct as the processed eVisa will be sent to you by email with JPEG or PDF format in attached files.
  13. Applicants are requested to check the correctness of their eVisa and in case of any discrepancy are requested to bring the same to our notice immediately.
  14. It is possible to receive an eVisa only if your travel is within the next 90 days, if you are applying in advance of this time, your e-Visa will be e-mailed to you upon it becoming available. Also, please note that your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of Entry into Turkey.

Refund Policy:

No refund will be possible if you decide to cancel your application after it has been sent for processing. You may cancel your application before the processing has started and get a refund,However it will cost you a cancellation charge of £10 per application. As per our refund policies, you will get your refund in 30 business days.