Turkey eVisa
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While applying for an E Visa, make sure you have the following mentioned documents-

  1. A passport valid for a minimum of 6-months beyond the duration of stay in Turkey, thus kindly check the validity of your passport before applying for the E Visa.  
  2. Flight reservation to show your staying period in Turkey.
  3. A credit card (Master or Visa)  to make payment of the processing fees.
  4. Visa application form, correctly filled up.
  5. The passenger must hold travel documents in accordance with his/her travel purposes. (Return Ticket, Hotel reservation, adequate financial means (U.S. $ 50 for each day)).
  6. Hold a valid Schengen visa or a valid visa (except for electronic visas) from any of the OECD member countries; or a valid residence permit of a Schengen or OECD country (applicable only for selected nationalities).
  7. Travelers descending through cruise must get their visa through their respected cruise company.