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We are not a part of the Turkey Government. The embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org Company can only help you in processing of your visa, for which in return charges you with a service fee.  Kindly refer to our “why choose us?” section to check our exclusive services.

Entry in the Turkey territory is subjected to immigration approval only. However, you can also get your visa directly through the Turkey Government by visiting www.evisa.gov.tr, where you will not be asked for any additional fees.  Our visa services will make sure that your application gets processed without any errors and faults. Before filling the visa application form with embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org make sure to go through our Terms and Conditions.

It is your sole responsibility to obtain your Turkey visa where it is required and we shall not be responsible for your failure to do so.

  • A passport valid for a minimum of 6-months beyond the duration of stay in Turkey, thus kindly check the validity of your passport before applying for the E Visa.
  • Flight reservation to show your staying period in Turkey.
  • A credit card (Master or Visa) to make payment of the processing fees.
  • Visa application form, correctly filled up.
  • The passenger must hold travel documents in accordance with his/her travel purposes. (Return Ticket, Hotel reservation, adequate financial means (U.S. $ 50 for each day)).
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embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org is a private company, which helps you in processing of a Turkey E Visa. We only guide and help you in applying the visa, your entry in the Turkish territory is however subjected to immigration approval only. In some cases, authorities can deny the entrance of a visa holder inside the territory. You must obtain a Turkey E Visa where it is required, we shall not be responsible for your failure to do so.

Before filling the visa application form with embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org make sure to go through our Terms & Conditions

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An e-Visa is a legal document permitting the holder to enter into and travel within Turkey.

An e-Visa is an authorization for travel to Turkey for tourism or for business purposes. To apply for Turkey eVisa your passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of your entrance in Turkey.


The www.embassy.evisa-turkey-tr.org visa exclusive add-on services as compare to government site Our service Govt. Site
Phone/Email support 24/7 round the year.
Instant processing of Urgent E-visas.
Applications are checked for errors and omissions pre submission.
We notify you about the error if any, and process the application upon receiving the correct data.
You can apply for individuals or a group over the phone, and pay for multiple applications in one transaction.
Auto Apply feature (You can only apply for a Turkey E-visa with the Turkish Authorities if your travel date is within 90 days. With us, you can submit the application and your application will be Automatically applied in time)
Multi Lingual Staff.
Lost your Turkey E-Visa? You can call us 24/7.
Option to pay in Pound Sterling or US Dollar
Once the E-visa is Approved, you will receive it via Email.
Fees £ 29.99 - £ 58.99
$54.99 - $105.99
( Including Gov Fees )
$ 20 - $ 60